Matt Howes

Just got back from the gym, I really was not looking forward to this one at all its named Crystal Clear. It starts off with a 400m run and ends with a 250m row; let’s just say these are two of my least favorite activities at the gym but I smashed it. I am six weeks in now and to be honest the first time that I have noticed my change in attitude to how I am training was this morning, the fact that I went the extra hard yards not because I was pushed but because I wanted to push myself. Now, I’m not saying that I have a bad attitude when it comes to training, in fact I would even go as far as to say that I think that I have a pretty decent mentality and work effort in all aspects of my day to day life including the gym but I need to be pushed a little. I need to train with good people and I need to have certain direction in what I am doing. The InnerFight program has got me interested, the guys I train with have got me motivated, I can already see the changes to my body and my way of thinking, my diet has improved so I feel healthier and I know that I’m starting to look better and the fact that I get to Saturday night and I’m looking forward to getting up at 5.15am says that my attitude has changed. I have made the commitment in my head and to my training brothers that I am going to continue with this program. If you’re looking for a recommendation, get involved because you will not look back.