Make Changes that last

This is a sign that we don't often see on the streets but the words are words we hear in so many situations in life. Change is good, healthy, motivational and a number of other great adjectives we could use. But all too often it's way too limited, way too temporary and we just seem to think its going to happen. When it comes to change in your life I want to encourage you to make changes that last, that are sustainable and that make your life better, after all what is the point in changing something to make life worse. So when you decide to make changes in your life just think about these 4 points:
  • What are the benefits of it: You have to sell change to yourself, get your own buy in by writing down all the benefits that this change is going to bring to your life. Understand them fully as this will deliver the "WHY" to you. In tough times it will be this why that will ensure that your change holds strong.
  • Is it positive: Does it benefit and does it make life better? The idea of change in many situations is based on this thought process. Lets not go and make changes to our life that brings little positive into it.
  • Is is sustainable: I see so many people changing their diet and there is no way they can sustain it. There are some crazy diets out there which have you doing all sorts of weird things that are simply just not sustainable in the long run. Make sure you make changes that are sustainable, that way your life is going to be more positively impacted.
  • Do I really want it: The world is a big place and we have big eyes. We see certain things and think we want them but I want to ask you if you really want them and are you really willing to take everything it takes to get them. Because if you do then go out there and get it and don't let anyone hold you back.
Change is good, change helps people get more out of their life. Make the right changes and your life will become awesome.