Make a plan and make it balance!

Passing through the supermarket I cannot help but notice and change in landscape is the month of December arrives. The supermarket chains are preparing for a season like no other, a season that seems to be increasingly fueled by chocolate manufacturers. The end of every gondola and the surrounding area of every checkout position are over populated with chocolates, sweets and treats for the season.
My mind starts to wander back over to sport. Sport something that is such a huge part of everyone’s life, the number of sports publications on sale are every increasing, the sports section in the new paper taking up an ever increasing share of the newspaper it self, not to mention sports dedicated newspapers which are becoming more of a norm as time moves on.
So where is the correlation here? How does this all work. On the one hand passion for sport is at an all time high but right in front of our eyes for the coming month we are going to have to grim and bare the temptations that are right in front of our eyes each time we visit our local grocery store. Quite a contrast!!
This time of year is a great time for all and should be enjoyed to the max. My advice however is to exercise control in what you do and how much you do it. Don’t turn your back on your ever increasing adoration of increased sport in your life and give into the temptations which give you short term satisfaction.
Make a plan, know what you are going to do when in December, when you are going to be active and when you are going to indulge. It sure helps to get that plan on paper, visit it everyday, measure yourself against it and follow it as your guide to success during the festive season. Make it something you are product of, something that engulfs both effort and reward and something that is going to keep you loyal to the sports you love whilst enjoying the some of the treats these confectionery companies are bringing to the market place!