"Pain is temporary. It may last for a minute, an hour, or a day.. or even a year... but eventually it will subside. And something else will take its place. If you quit, however, it will last forever. You're not going down because you feel a little pain." Liezl had one rule: embrace the pain, love the pain. Despised herself, Liezl knew it was time for a change. She committed to a healthy lifestyle by being active and by quitting smoking. Liezl, four years ago injured her knee. She had depression and was living a sedentary life-  as doctor advised she could not do anything. Eating became her hobby and smoking became her passion. She lost hope in her active lifestyle and allowed herself to just be happy with being very fat, everyone would tell her to workout and lose weight and stop eating because she is too ugly already. She was in denial for so long and would just say "I like my weight. I love food. I'm contented with my life. It's more fun to eat than to exercise." However,  when she started crossfit and started training with us she then realised that wasn't the kind of person she was supposed to be.. and so she changed her life for the better and prove herself and other people wrong. She is indeed a living testament that when you commit to yourself and to your goals beautiful things will happen that is beyond your imagination. We did not change her. She changed herself. We are just here to realize her goals and that she could do better than what she thought she could only be. Q.How and when did you become interested in Crossfit? A.  I had never even heard of crossfit before so I actually had no idea to what it was. When I came in to InnerFight for my trial I guess it sparked up the athlete side of me. I did a lot of research on crossfit and watched a lot of crossfit videos which were all just too interesting. I'd spend hours watching video after video - and immediately I got hooked. Q.What was your path into fitness like before you started training at InnerFight? A. I was very much into basketball in school all the way up to my first year of college. I also ran sprint races during sport events so I was actually very active. One fateful day, I broke my knee while playing basketball. That was when I completely stopped being active. Q.Tell us about signing up the Crossfit Open. A. The open was something very serious for me. It was something I needed to prove things to myself and all the other people out there. I have a lot of people in my family who don't support what I do. So the open kept me sane and put me back on track to focus on what really matters. When I did the workouts I got lost in them. Couldn't hear the music and didn't know what was going on around me most of the time. They were super fun. I learned a lot from the crossfit open 2016. I learned that I am actually a lot stronger than I think I am but I'm not pushing myself hard enough. I'm only using half my potential. But most importantly I've learned that I'm going to be very very strong very soon. Q. How has InnerFight and the program helped you? A. One on one coaching with Phil has always been something that kept me motivated and always has given me the drive that I needed to stay focused and continuously better myself. I look up to Phil a lot which always makes me want to make him proud. I used to smoke dokha and I was badly addicted. but with the help of Foozi, Phil, the InnerFight team and my love for crossfit, I managed to quit it. Moreover, Innerfight classes for me always used to be about competition. I would always try to compete with people in the class and it would make me perform poorly. I learned from this. and when I started to just focus on myself and my own performance, I started to perform a lot better than I thought I could.  Q. How do you stay motivated? What advice would you give to someone who’s having trouble staying on track? A. You don't need more than one person and a goal. If you have at least one person who supports you, that's enough to keep you sane and help you ignore the other people out there who are bashing and supposedly "constructively criticising" your fitness and health lifestyle. You don't need these kind of people in your life to slow down your own life goals. Just go on YouTube, Google, or Instagram.. you'll find all the motivation and support you need over there. Stay focused.


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