Leisure Time

This is a 3 part workout, finish each part completely before moving to the next. You may also take a max 3 minute break between each of the 3 parts. On the push ups it is what it says, 200 push ups as quick as you can whilst maintaining good form. You are then into four rounds of the four exercises against the clock but again maintain good form. Once you have done your four rounds take a 3 minute break and then run 1.5km as quickly as you can. You should have nothing left at the end of this session, give everything you have to each section. You will be done in 30-40 minutes max so make every minute count. 1. 200 push ups for time 2. 4 rounds for time of: 10 clean and press 20 bicep curls 10 clap push ups 20 jumping squats 3. 1.5km run for time [wpdm_file id=63]