Legacy, as defined by the dictionary, is "something left or handed down by a predecessor." The All Blacks who are the National Rugby Team of New Zealand are considered the most successful professional sports franchise in history, undefeated in over 75% of their international matches in over 100 years. What can we learn from such an iconic brand is how legacy is defined, the culture that has been created and handed down over time to each person that has gone onto represent the All Blacks.
Of the 15 Lessons you can learn from the All Blacks as written by James Kerr in the Book "Legacy," I have taken five essential lessons to consider to help you create a legacy and winning culture.
  1. Character – It begins with humility and discipline. Don’t be too big to do the small things. “Sweep the Sheds, because no one looks after the All Blacks, the All Blacks look after themselves” Be accountable and hold yourself responsible to the people around you. "Character triumphs over talent."
  2. Adapt –“When you are on top of your game, change your game” Understand what is going around you, and every day is a new day to get better, create a culture that seeks continuous improvement.
  3. Purpose –In the case of All Blacks, "Play with Purpose, "Ask Why?. In the case of everyday life, ask yourself, what is your purpose? What is your why? Without the understanding of those two points, your sense of direction will be unclear, and you will lack the knowledge of what it is you are trying to achieve.
  4. Responsibility –"Be a leader, not a follower" Create a structure of meaning, a sense of purpose, belonging teamwork, and personal responsibility. Empower an individual by empowering them with the success of the team. Leaders create leaders bypassing responsibility, creating ownership, accountability, and trust.
  5. Whanau (Translates to English –Family) – One of the first steps in developing a high-performance culture is to select on character. Better people make better All Blacks. Everyone needs to work together towards the same goal, and no one is bigger than the team. The policy of the All Blacks, as stated, and one that can carry over to all parts of life is "No Dickheads."
Write your legacy. This is your time. Be Purposeful. Add to the ethos, make your mark!
By: Jamie Clarke, Performance Coach