Ladies Run Club

InnerFight Ladies Run Club is a ladies only running club run by Steph that allows women to train with like minded individuals twice a week. The runs are for ladies of all abilities as we seek to support ladies and help them enjoy the great sport of running. You do not have to be a runner or have the ability to run a certain distance, we are super inclusive and welcome all ladies to our strong and supportive community.

We have six classes a week of which our ladies choose two based on their schedules:
5:59am-7am @ InnerFight
8:29am-9:30am @ InnerFight
5:59pm-7pm @ InnerFight
5:59am-7am @ The Palm Track
8:29am-9:30am @ InnerFight
5:59pm-7pm @ The Palm Track

Additional support:
All ladies will be invited to a whatsapp support and info group.

Weekly program in PDF so if you miss a session you know what to do.

Nutrition, mindset and lifestyle hacks and tips in the weekly PDF.

Member of the Month awarded to 1 member each month.

Frequent socials hosted by the LRC and InnerFight Community.

Access to InnerFight Endurance Training Camps.

The program is AED495 for 4 weeks. (8 coached sessions).
Click below to get it now and start running with us!