Ladies only InnerFight classes

CLASS TIMES: Monday | Wednesday | 8:30am

The classes are fun, functional strength and conditioning programs and are for ladies of all abilities. FAQ's:
  • Where are the classes held? CLICK HERE for our location map.
  • Will we use weights? Yes various loads are used but everything is scaled according to the individuals goals and abilities.
  • Will I get bulky? In a word no, you are not going to turn into a huge body builder.
  • Is this cardio? The sessions build on cardio fitness but in a non conventional way, we are not using stationary bikes or cross trainers, we have way more fun ways to build this fitness.
  • Is it like circuit training? Some of the workouts form a circuit type of training but no this is not 100% circuit training by any means.
  • Will I get stronger? Absolutely, eash session has 15-20 minutes dedicated to making people stronger, we first check that your movement is good before adding load.
  • Does it help to lose my baby weight? Combining InnerFight classes with good diet and rest will definitely help you drop the extra kilos that often come with a baby.
  • Can I come if I am pregnant? We suggest that you first seek advice from your doctor before you come to see us and we can move from there.
  • Does it matter that I am not a regular gym user? Not in the slightest, we have various abilities and treat everyone based on where they are at.
  • Will there be diet advice? We will give everyone a monthly body composition analysis and help to set goals based on this if needed along with the right dietary advice to hit those goals.
  • How many are in the class? Class size varies but is capped at 15 people per instructor to ensure we can serve you as well as possible.
  • How do I book into a class? Just mail us to book in.
  • How much are the classes? There are 3 pricing options: 3 classes a week for the month is AED1,300, 2 classes a week for the month is AED1,000 and pay as you go is AED150 per class
For further details mail us   This class is temporarily cancelled.