4 must do activities for your kids. Part 2: Swimming

In Part One, I covered the reasons why your child should get involved in Team Sports. In part Two, I will go over my reasons why your child should learn to swim as a part of my four activities that your kids must do. Swimming Save your life - In my opinion swimming and being confident around water is an essential life skill. Having grown up on the beach and beside the pool spending many years life guarding when growing up, I quickly learnt that swimming is something that could save a persons or your child’s life. Confidence -Being confident and ensuring your child is comfortable around water in all its forms (pool, lake, beach, river etc) is important. Understanding also what makes these environments dangerous and how to survive if you encounter a situation is something your child should know because as a parent you will not always be around. Great workout - Swimming provides a great workout involving multiple muscle groups and can be performed at a low or high intensity. It involves a great deal of coordination which is important for further skill development. Discipline and time management– To excel in swimming it requires a lot of hard work and discipline in your training. Should your child ever want to pursue swimming as a sport, they will learn to develop an incredible amount of self-discipline and understand the meaning of hard work as they will encounter hours upon hours in the pool, early in the morning and then again in the afternoon. In most cases the sport is individual in nature although still being a part of a wider squad or group. Knowing only they can affect the outcome of their performance will give them an incredible amount of self-discipline and have them focused on their goals. Low Impact and good for the body -Swimming is deemed as a low impact sport therefore provides longevity to the body. It is used a great deal in recovery in many sports and a favoured rehab treatment in some injuries so later in life should your child be injured their ability to stay afloat and swim will be required. Leads to many sports - The ability to swim leads to many other sports such as canoeing, scuba diving, surfing, triathlons, sailing etc. You child’s ability to swim and have confidence on the water will give them the opportunity to explore the world of water based sports. Water will give your child in their lifetime thousands of hours of entertainment (most of the time for free which is a bonus) and also outside (another bonus).  Swimming schools are obviously a good start but if your kids are not fans of swimming lengths all day then things like surf lifesaving, water polo, diving, surfing, all supervised of course will bring them confidence in the water and a lifetime skill at the same time. Get your kids in the water today!   By; Jamie Clarke, Performance Coach