Four must do activities for your kids. Part 4: Gymnastics

With all sports the health benefits list is long with numerous studies showing kids who play sports growing up become better people and also workers. Team Sports, Swimming , Combat sports and lastly in the four things your kids should do is Gymnastics – Ones ability to control their own body is the absolute foundation of sport. Gymnastics provides people with the ability to move support and move their body in each and every plane of motion. Motor Skills, Coordination and Balance - Gymnastics helps children build a range of motor and coordination skills and assists in developing a good sense of body awareness. A young gymnast will learn how to use different parts of her body in difference ways. All beneficial and carry over to other sports and activities in daily life. Fundamentals of Movement –The fundamentals of movement are a great asset to growing up. Not only do they learn movement patterns and develop amazing dexterity, they will also learn the art of graceful movement and poise. Strength - Gymnasts are renowned for their excellent strength-to-weight ratio. Taking part in gymnastics at a young age can help build the foundations of good all-around muscle strength, endurance, and power. Confidence – Hanging, swinging, holding, balancing, upside down on your hands, flipping, jumping your child will gain massive confidence with being placed in different positions that gymnastics will throw at them. Off the iPad, away from the remotes and controls there is so much out there for your kids to do and achieve that will give them a lot more in life than getting to the next level of fortnight! Give your child the opportunity to experience different sports which the can carry over the learnings to everyday life.   By: Jamie Clarke, Performance Coach