The InnerFight Kids class is an excercise class that is founded on making exercise holistic, fun and accessible, delivered in a safe environment, by qualified and experienced coaches.

Along with a constant nurturing nudge towards healthy habits and learning about nutrition, children will be able to create a strong foundation in technique on the core functional movements, and have a strong capacity for high intensity metabolic conditioning using body weight. Most importantly, children will leave the class, feeling like it was an hour of exercise disguised as fun and be equipped to win at life!

Is Kids Fitness suitable and safe for my kids?

Safety and fun are our main priorities, we have worked with kids for a number of years and our kids fitness program has brought through some great talent.

What can I expect?

We teach kids the importance of human movement, great nutrition and a winning mindset.

How to  join?

Mail us on or call us on 04 321 2899. We’ll then advise you of the next free session.

Is the class age limited?

The class is open to all children ages 5 upwards to 12. Although –  children grow at different speeds, so younger children 4 years upwards are encouraged to sign up, it is recommended they are able to follow instructions, and work independently for atleast ten minutes- some children may be asked to wait until the following term, if it is deemed that they still have a little growing up to do.

When does it take place and how long is it?

We offer two one-hour Kids Fitness classes per week. These take place on:

  • Saturday 9:00am (alongside adults Cardio Club)
  • Tuesday 5.30pm (alongside adults Strongman Class)

Where does it take place?

First floor at InnerFight HQ.

When does the term start?

The term is from September 4th 2018 to December 16th 2018

What are the cost of the classes?

There are a few options available:

  • Pay per class: AED 105
  • Fees for two sessions a week for the term: AED1950Fees for a single session a week: AED1350

If children sign up half way through the term, then a pro rate fee will be calculated. It is highly recommended that children attend both sessions a week for the best outcome, although it is understandable, that this may not be possible always due to time constraints and previously confirmed engagements.