Juggling work, family and fitness

When it comes to balancing work, family and fitness, for me there is just 1 rule: BE EFFICIENT!
Small changes can make a big difference when it comes to the most precious thing of all - time.
I have taken out all of the things in life that waste time and energy. Above all, I will always ensure that quality time is spent with the family each week. I always try to take from 11am on Friday through to 5.30am Sunday completely off work to spend quality time with my girls.
I no longer stay up any later than I need to and am always in bed between 8.30 and 9. Sometimes earlier.
That means I can get up early to work or train before Leanne and Isabelle wake up.
The important thing for me (and Leanne knows the importance of this) is how I firm my training around life.
For this - again - it’s simple -be efficient- Follow 2 simple rules:
  1. Always have a plan
  2. Always have a timer.
I will never go into a training session not knowing exactly what I’m going to do. Being prepared and knowing exactly what you want to achieve out of the session - whether it is more strength based, more geared towards hypertrophy or conditioning, I have been doing this for long enough that I know pretty much what weight I will need for each movement, depending on the stimulus I’m trying to hit.
I will more often than not either superset or drop set...
  1. Superset - alternating between a push movement and a pull movement means that you can afford less resting time in between working sets
  2. Drop sets - increase the volume of a set to increase the total time under tension.
Sessions now rarely take over 50 minutes from start to finish and I aim to get as much volume done in these sessions as possible. I use an app called tabata pro, and I put my phone away for the training time. I’m willing to get up as early as needed to get my session done and I have never ever regretted getting up early to train.
So yes I know that sometimes it can be a juggling act to make it all work but if you have a few simple systems in place you can enjoy all 3 massively and feel great.
If you are struggling in any of the 3 drop me a mail and I will be happy to chat things over with you.
By: Ben Davies, Performance Coach