I've been in France for less than a week preparing for the InnerFight Endurance running camp, and aside from the apparent differences between a concrete jungle and an alpine city, one huge thing I have noticed is the pace of life and how it seems to effect people.

Everything here is slower. People walk, run, cycle, and wait for the bus. I have seen more people reading books while waiting for things than I remember.

The Shops open at 10, close between 12 -2, then open again until 5.30.

I've seen more people walking around eating apples than I have glued to their phone screens.

The pace of life here seems to be more that of an easy run than a sprint.

It highlighted more and more to me Dubai is a high octane, high stress, fight or flight living for most. People are trying to claw back minutes during the day. Meal plans, Spinney's salads, using apps for washing cars and laundry, and replying to WhatsApp at traffic lights!

We could learn a lot from mountain living because it's ok sometimes to slow down! Just as when we plan endurance training blocks for clients, we manage the stresses in training. Every day is not a track session. Most of the time spent training is slow-paced and easy, and we save just a small chunk for high-speed, high-stress running! My challenge to you is to manage your life in the same way! Read more, eat more fruit, do more walking and spend less time on your phone!

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