InnerTalks 3, 26th March 2015

Welcome to InnerTalks 3. InnerTalks is a monthly event which has 4-6 speakers talking on a chosen subject or experience. The objective is learning, motivation and inspiration because we believe that everyone has had an experience and we can learn from everyone. Check out the talks from the 6 amazing speakers of InnerTalks 3 below. You can check out the talks from InnerTalks 1 right here and InnerTalks 2 right here InnerTalks 4 takes place on April 30th 8am. Check out full details right here InnerTalks is a free event and everyone is welcome. Registration is essential though and can be done by simply mailing us   The speakers for InnerTalks 3 are: MAX CALDERAN
Extreme Desert Explorer, defined son of the desert, Max has crossed on foot and totally alone the most insidious and impassable sands in the world, surviving in conditions that are beyond any known human limit, above all that one that every day prevents us from being truly free: fear of going over.
As a great motivator, sport & mental trainer, with 25 years of experience in the business world of the Middle East,  Max has deepened his research in two areas that have always fascinated him: sleep deprivation and defense mechanisms that regulate the emotion of fear .
He believes that the management of physical and mental stress destroy any kind of limit.
 “When someone says to me it’s impossible , I already feel that I can do it..”
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Anna was born in New Zealand but is a long time Dubai resident and best know for her role as a news and sport presenter. Most people haven't heard of the years of corrective surgery she's undergone to fix a facial deformity she was born with. At the age of 25 Anna made a decision to undergo a life changing procedure, she now encourages others to Own Your Story!
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Hanan has worked in the financial industry for 15 years before leaving it in a heart beat to fulfill a passion for health and fitness and for empowering women and training them from home. She was featured in various magazines for introducing a unique workout style which ranked as one of the top 5 fitness trends in 2011 by SHAPE Middle East.She later acquired a Pilates and Nutrition certification and is now working on becoming a life coach. She has appeared on many TV channels and co-hosted two seasons of Dr. M, a medical show on Abu Dhabi TV. Hanan is now managing W Production, a family business led by the creativity and photography talent of her brother Hikmat.
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Tom Conway-Gordon is Automotive and Corporate PR Director at Ketchum Raad Middle East, where he leads regional through the line communications for Infiniti, Kia and Airbus. A petrol head at heart, Tom is very close to ‘dream job’ territory, though he’d much prefer to be driving an absurdly fast car for a living rather than ‘driving’ a desk. Outside office hours and InnerFight, Tom provides consultancy to clients in how to market their businesses and promote them and themselves successfully, from top level strategy through to the simple use of words with powerful call to actions. [hr style="1" margin="40px 0px 40px 0px"]
Rinat descends from Tashkent, USSR and moved to Dubai in 2009 to establish and run Malakut Group insurance brokerage. In 2012 Rinat decided to try the sport of triathlon and has recently qualified for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships in Austria later this year. Rinat is also the first Russian to swim across the Straits of Gibraltar and will complete Marathon Des Sables in 2015. With his wife Marina Rinat raises 4 sons who are all very sporty, he is also a passionate go-kart racer, snowboarder and shotgun shooter. [hr style="1" margin="40px 0px 40px 0px"]
Ramsay is the owner of Ramsay Phillips Custom Guitars. He’s one of the lucky ones who’ve made their passion their career. Ramsay left Cape Town, South Africa, in 2002, and started his guitar business during the recession in 2008. His business has grown from humble beginnings and a few tools on the dining table, to a fully operational workshop and recording studio. His passion for people and guitars has seen his reputation develop from inside the UAE and spread across to other gulf states. He surfs, is crazy about Formula 1, and is a solid family guy. [hr style="1" margin="40px 0px 40px 0px"]