InnerTalks 2, 26th Feb 2015

Welcome to InnerTalks 2. Thanks to those who attended the event! Huge thank you to the 5 speakers for sharing their inspiring stories. InnerTalks 3 will take place at InnerFight on Thursday Mar 26th 8am-9am. This is a free event and everyone is welcome.   Here is the audio of the talks Below you can see the 5 talks in video. Enjoy   If you have not yet seen the talks of InnerTalks 1 please check them out right here Photo 18-02-2015 07 49 48KEVIN BRITTON  
Kevin Britton is 30 years old and after growing up in Northern Canada spent 15 years playing the highest levels of competitive hockey.  Kevin then decided to move to Alberta and work in the Oil and Gas industry. After spending 8 years working his way up through to a Well Testing Supervisor Kevin saw his lifestyle change from fitness and health to alcohol, drugs, addiction and dark places. Two years after leaving the oilfield Kevin has become sober and is working in downtown Vancouver as a Headhunter. Kevin has won rookie of the year in North America For HAYS in 2014. With a new outlook and perception on life Kevin is back into fitness where he coaches and mentors others. On top of that Kevin is part of “Fitness Foods”, a completely organic and gourmet meal delivery service.
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Jonathan Brookes came from the UK to Dubai in 2005 and has been proud to call it home since. He is  A family man with a sporting background, he played semi-professional Rugby in the UK and international Rugby for The Arabian Gulf, Jonathan has completed a marathon and most recently set himself the challenge of cycling the length of the UK. Whilst not physically challenging himself Jonathan is an equity partner in the Station Group of Companies with the primary responsibility for the International Side of the business. He is most happy when found either coaching and watching his son’s rugby team and spending tim e with family and friends.
[hr style="1" margin="40px 0px 40px 0px"] Photo 18-02-2015 07 50 14CANDICE FORD  
Candice Ford is the Managing Director and Co-Founder of LifeSpark Coaching – home of Reebok CrossFit LifeSpark – the region’s first CrossFit box, which opened in 2011. After University, Candice spent 15 months in corporate HR, however quickly realised that it did not fulfil her interests in coaching, fitness and human development. LifeSpark, in it’s earliest incarnation, started in 2009 in response to Candice’s desire to blend her passions. LifeSpark aims to develop Total Life Fitness – enabling their community to thrive. As well as coaching and running LifeSpark, Candice designs courses on leveraging opportunity and maximising individual potential. Candice is also an athlete, having competed at the 2011 Reebok CrossFit Games, and placing 2nd at every Regionals since.
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David is the owner and creator of "Must Dash Dubai", a modern and unconventional Salon in Bur Dubai. He is a sports fanatic with a passion for various endeavours, a great positive attitude and a real drive for life. David recently ran the New York Marathon with no training. "Crazy, but it's all in the mind”. Whether it's something new or farfetched, he'll try it.
What does 2015 hold for David? Expanding his Must Dash creation and along with some new and exciting opportunities.
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Photo 19-02-2015 04 46 27SHADI JOWEIHAN
Shadi  is a veteran expat, arriving in Dubai in 1995 to work in the airline business. He soon became a serial entrepreneur and director of Hyper Ideas & Consultancy. With an innovative vision, he has founded and developed multiple brands and concepts that set the bench mark and business environment for others to grow and nurture.
Shadi has tertiary studies in “Health Promotion and Prevention” and a determination to overcome obstacles and excel. After undergoing major open heart surgery in June 2014, his passion to be healthy remains a priority with his sights firmly set on reaching Everest Base camp.
“If I can inspire one person to change and overcome their fears or challenges then my goal is achieved” Imagine if each one us can inspire and help another?
Pre appointed speakers will talk from 3 minutes up to 9 minutes and the topics are varied so there is something for everyone. It is a relaxed atmosphere where we invite people to join us free of charge to come with an open mind, get inspired and motivated and leave with a big smile on their face and some great ideas in their head. The speakers will be announced on this page very soon. Mail us right now to register for this event. It is free and numbers are limited and will fill up fast. We look forward to seeing you there.   Inner Talks 2