InnerTalks 14: with Extreme Explorer Toufic Abou Nader

[one_half] "Fear: The World's Deepest Cave" with Toufic Abou Nader "Each has their fear; some avoid it and live with its consequences, while others face it and improve their lives." Throughout his explorations, Toufic learnt one thing, fear is necessary, but only if managed wisely. His expedition into the deepest cave in the world, turned out to be more about exploring himself. Just when he thought he explored all his fears, during the one month expedition, there was that short moment that took Toufic by surprise...Death was the outcome of any possibility he had have drawn in his head. But by using few simple tricks, he managed the situation and scaled the deepest cave and back with some learnings to share. Places are LIMITED so REGISTER YOURS NOW by mailing us on or calling us on 04 321 2899. [/one_half] [one_half_last]