This workout is only 1 round so you have to give it everything you have got. The rows are purely psychological, get your mind in gear and the rest of it will be a walk in the park. Measure your time: Men: Sub 6 minutes, Unreal, 6-7mins, close to the top, 7-8 minutes, great job, 8-9 minutes, only just, 9 minutes plus, got some work to do. Ladies: Sub 7 minutes, unreal, 7-8 minutes, close to the top, 8-9 minutes, great job, 9-10 minutes, only just, 11 minutes plus, got some work to do. Men’s standard weight for cleans and squats is 40kgs. Ladies is 20kgs and ladies may do weight assisted pull ups @ half body weight. 15 wide arm pull ups 15 Clean and Press 15 Squats 250m row 10 wide arm pull ups 10 Clean and Press 10 Squats 250m row 5 wide arm pull ups 5 Clean and Press 5 Squats 250m row Carry out the above exercises back to back. [wpdm_file id=61]