InnerFight podcast #76: Primal Movement, five Reasons to eat avocado, weight lifting shoes & how to feel more limber in the morning.

  Here is podcast #76. Enjoy the ride   Here are the time markers for the various topics discussed: 7.15 Primal Movement (Freeing your Inner movement.) 21.00 Top 5 Tips, why should you chow down an Avocado?(Five Reasons to Eat Avocado) 26.14 Should you wear weight lifting shoes? And how to get out of the hole at the bottom of the squat. 38.00 What should I do if my gym doesn't have a rowing machine? 41.20 Need to build strength for career growth (A question, or statement?) 44.30 How to feel more limber in the morning. Podcast #76 Listen above or Get it now from iTunes If you have a question for the coaches mail us right now and let’s get it answered for you. Thanks for tuning in we hope you enjoy the show!