In The Beginning

Make sure that you do the pull ups and press ups back to back without rest, you get your rest after you have completed your set. If you are unable to do the specified number of pull ups the correct way then revert to jumping pull ups. You should have a target number of normal pull ups in each set though that you have to achieve. Always strive to be better and the best would do wide arm pull ups all the way through. 50 Wide Arm Pull Ups 50 Press Ups 3 mins rest 40 Wide Arm Pull Ups 40 Press Ups 2:30 mins rest 30 Wide Arm Pull Ups 30 Press Ups 2 mins rest 20 Wide Arm Pull Ups 20 Press Ups 1:30 mins rest 10 Wide Arm Pull Ups 10 Press Ups [wpdm_file id=59]