How to make Cardio fun

We've all been there, we've all done it. Spent endless hours on a cross trainer, ski machine or stationary bike whilst watching tv or worse  (and I've witnessed this) reading a book. A vain attempt at breaking the monotony of daily exercise. The days of long boring cardio (I will use this word but I much prefer the term 'conditioning') are well behind us as research has proven that for maximum results, you need to be attacking your cardio at a much higher intensity. Cardiovascular endurance is about keeping your muscles adequately supplied with oxygen.  If your heart and lungs can provide a lot of oxygen, your CV fitness will be good. This is something that can be improved if trained effectively. It's very simple to tell if you are training this effectively. When you work hard, your  heart rate and therefore your breathing rate will increase. When you get this effect during training, you are working your cardiovascular endurance, and making your heart (the most important muscle in the body) stronger. In simple terms - if it makes you out of breath, it's working. Below, I've shared with you some of the rules that I have followed to not only learn to enjoy cardio, but to get better at and learn to love it. 1. Always mix it up - always change your routine including exercises, time and type. Be willing to try something new. For time, AMRAP, EMOM, interval, continuous, fartlek, there are enough variations of training methods to last a whole lifetime. Pick a different one each day and try it. 2. Join a class - please don't be shy or avoid jumping into a class. Everyone has had to do 'their first class' You'll be amazed at how friendly people will be and how much fun you will all have. Being in an environment where you are all working hard together is electric. It leaves you buzzing with excitement and adrenaline. 3. Grab a friend and do a partner workout - our friday workouts are always fun partner or team workouts. We have also been doing partner workouts in our redzone programme, and can speak first hand at how much fun we have. 4.  Put on your favourite music - Matt Jones loves his "Panda" music, and Boz is well known for her "Dacky Dack" - if you're training alone, your favourate music will always help give you motivation when the workout gets tough. 5. Be willing to Suffer - yes it's a brutal thing to say, but the more you're willing to suffer during your cardio session, the faster you will see results, and the feeling you have when it's finished is more than worth it. 6. Set goals - set goals using SMART (yes - I was a PE Teacher) Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Weather it's to improve your 5k run, 2k row, or any of  any of the Innerfight workouts, always have a goal and work towards it. But remember, to increase your run time, you don't just run! 7. Set higher goals - when you've reached your initial goal, set another. Don't get comfortable. So there you have 7 great ideas to show zero weakness. Now go work out as hard as you can, and most importantly, smile and have fun .   By: Ben Davies, InnerFight Performance Coach