How to Balance Work and Fitness

We are all fully aware that maintaining a healthy lifestyle and training regularly should be one of life’s top priorities. We are also aware that there are two other things that are in life’s ‘top priority’ bracket which can take up considerably more time. This shouldn’t mean that your health and fitness should take a back seat. This article will help you figure out how to balance work, family life and fitness. Be realistic with what you can do: Make a plan - the day before. Make sure you have a schedule and know what class you are going to attend. If it’s not a class, then go into the gym with a specific plan. Make sure you know exactly what your session is going to be. Walk in, get it done, walk out. Things often pop up in work/personal lives that can’t be avoided. Its OK, not all workouts need to last an hour, 10-15 mins of intense work can be just as beneficial, sometimes even more so. Therefore, I would personally always suggest that you get up early, and get it done as a start to your day. Both the 5.30am and 6.30am classes here are always full of people who work long hours, but they make sure that nothing can happen during the day that affects that 1 hour of training time. You still have 23 hours to do everything else that you need to do. Always have a gym kit handy - Who knows, one day you may even get to leave the office early, or the kids may go to a friends to play, this could give you an opportunity to get a workout done when unexpected. Use a watch/clock - EMOM sets can often achieve the best results. Examples can be; Alternating EMOM X 15 5 bench press (obviously) 5 squats 5 deadlifts Pick a scale/weight that is challenging. We include strength EMOM’s incorporating compound movements very often at Innerfight as it is an extremely effective way of building overall muscle and strength.  Maximal intensity/interval training - A favourite of mine is a running session stolen from Dan Carter (New Zealand rugby superstar). You sprint 100m every 40 seconds. Each sprint must be done in under 20 seconds, continue until you go can’t complete the sprint in under 20 seconds. your score is the number of sprints you complete. Cap at 30. Trust me when I tell you this session is hard. Even if you complete the 30 rounds, the workout is 20 minutes long. Can’t run 100m in 20 seconds? Go every minute, every one under 30. See what works for you. The beauty of this is that you even can do it outside your home, no equipment or drive to the gym necessary. Have a goal or use competitions/races to stay motivated - These days, finding a competition or race suitable to your skill level is very easy. From triathlon, to running, to obstacle races, whether you’re a beginner, elite, or somewhere in the middle, there are plenty of options for you. Use these events regularly and to your advantage to keep you motivated all year round (not just 4 weeks before a holiday). So there you go, I hope you use a little bit of what I have written, drop the excuses, and get yourself to a fitness level that you are proud of.     By: Ben Davies, InnerFight Performance Coach