What are the masks we put on?

What mask do we wear at home? At work or when you train?  

I read a great book called the 'Masks of Masculinity'. It talks about the different masks we put on in different scenarios. 

This got me thinking about the versions we have of ourselves, why we have them, and why we put those “masks” on. 

Is it to protect ourselves? To fit in? Or is it a way of managing the environment we are in? 

He breaks them down into a few main ones. Ones that can empower you or the ones that can hold you back. 

For example, the materialistic mask is about how we will measure up to each other on who has the better job, better car, or a bigger bank account. 
The learning mask. To be curious and open. To take on other points of view. Ask questions to understand situations and people better. 

So, what masks are holding us back?
Do they serve us?
How can we take that mask away?

I have been thinking about this lately and how I can be the best version of myself. Being authentic to my values. My main ones are giving back to others and always continuing to grow. 

The pursuit of this allows amazing things to happen.

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