How is your counting?

Gym chat is full of X number of sets of Y number of repetitions on a particular exercise. Sometimes it may even just be 100 reps on one exercise and then move onto another. All that counting and all those repetitions, surely there must be a way to make it all work for you mentally!
I want to share with you 5 points about counting that I can guarantee will make you mentally tougher, be able to get through workouts easier and help you on your journey to getting the most out of your life. The only prerequisite is that you can count!
  1. Plan before you start the reps. This is real simple for example, are you going to count up or count down?  You have to start the exercise with a counting plan.
  2. Break up the set in your mind. If its 100 reps then I sure as anything would. But into what? Well this is exercise dependent! We are far better at digesting bite size chunks of most things in life, this applies in our fitness life too.
  3. Align your counting with your movement. This is exercise specific but if you are sprinting 100 meters then how many steps is that or how many breaths is that.
  4. Divert your mind. No matter how you are counting there is a certain amount of attention diverted to that. This may relieve the pain of the exercise as your mind has other things to focus on.
  5. Write it down: There is no issue with taking a piece of paper to the gym with you and mapping out your reps, keep it close and follow it.
No matter how you want to go about counting your reps you have to know that the mental side of sport, fitness and performance can help you towards your goal so make sure you pay it due attention.