Hard Work Always Wins

Hard work, what’s hard work for you? For me, hard work is to give myself 101% every time I do something.

Hard-working people are either born with minimum or no opportunity to waste. That’s why we don’t hesitate to go all in.

I wasn’t talented for school or any sports. I embraced that and started working harder than anyone around me. You might wonder how I didn’t succeed as a pro athlete or best student. Maybe that wasn’t my path. 

My hard is not your hard, and your hard is not mine. It never will be. Giving my best helped me achieve more than some other talented students or athletes. Hard work has helped me build my character and achieving what I have achieved so far.

Discipline is the key to hard work. To be disciplined, you have to have a relentless desire to succeed and be hungry for new challenges.

People make excuses not to emerge from the rut, often conditioned to believe that their problems result from their circumstances, but that’s not true. Sometimes failure is part of life, and hard work doesn’t teach you how hard you fail, but how fast you can get up and continue to fight.

If you never try, you’ll never know!

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