Hani Hout

Oh man, where do i begin… Since joining InnerFight June last year I had participated in over 110 morning sessions. I’m 30 years old and I can assure you that throughout my 20′s I did not take part in a total of 100 sessions of any activity. I don’t recall having witnessed so many sunrises in my entire life! For over a decade I allowed myself to delve into all kinds of extreme indulgences, from substance to circumstance. My excessively chaotic behavior eventually led me to dark places for the costly price of my complacency and self esteem. The influence of your person and program will live on within for a long time... I realized that if I don’t grab the reins of my mind it will only become heavier. So I embarked on the uphill journey. From detox to yoga and meditation, I was in pursuit for grounding and clarity. More so I was looking for discipline and commitment. That is when I was getting ready to join Innerfight. I am lucky and grateful for the opportunity finally met the preparation and that is when the magic happened. I now look back at the past 9 months and my heart overflows with beautiful emotions. So much to say to the extent that only silence can give justice to what was done. HARDCORE. When I get into the elevator at work in the morning I observe half asleep hungover colleagues carrying their 1 liter coffee mugs and of course stinking with the sacred morning cigarette. I think to myself, man, I’ve been awake for the past 4 hours, blacked out twice, received not less than 20 ‘keep it up’ and ‘good work’, maybe broke a PB, and getting ready to eat my third meal. I will not elaborate on what that means to me, you figure. Thanks MS for the big heart and the surrounding eye. The influence of your person and program will live on within for a long time