Hands up!

We may not all want to have the softest hands in the world but at the same time we probably don't want the roughest either, so how do we take care of our Calluses?
Getting calluses on our hands is something that almost everyone will face at some stage or another, even if you are a total poser and have the latest gloves. The issue with calluses is that they grow, don't worry they are not going to take over your entire body.......
but they will make a nice mess of your hands if you let them. Your hands rip or the callus forms, next time you go to the gym you hit the same spot and the callus tears and takes some of the good skin with it, it starts to heal and then you hit the gym again and the process repeats so before you know it you have a callus that's double the size in less than a week.
Now its all very good being big and macho about it but when your hands are in such a mess that you can hardly pick anything up then your quest for ultimate machoness is going to take quite a hit. What we want is people in action and able to train for a larger amount of time than they are sat out nursing their hands.
I want to share 2 things with you that I have found very helpful to keep my hands in shape and my down time due to torn hands to a minimum.
The first thing I do daily is scrub my hands everyday with something similar to a pumice stone, what this does is file away the dead skin that forms the callus. This way there is limited skin to rip the next time I'm in the gym. You have to get aggressive about it, you are filing down skin so don't hold back. Another option that people like to use is a razor, this is probably for the braver among us and needs a little more caution.
Secondly before bed every night I generously apply an ointment that I found in Australia which is Paw Paw ointment. Its made from Papaya and feels a bit like vaseline. Especially if you sleep in a cool room (which you ought to) there is a great tendency for the fresh eroded hands to dry out. This ointment stops this and promotes healing on any cuts.
Bottom line here it that at some stage you are going to suffer some hand damage and if you don't fix it it won't fix itself so take a few easy steps and your down time will decrease as will your pain.