Hanan Wehbi

Working out is not new to me, I am a personal trainer and have kept myself in shape for many years through the typical group classes, boot camps, running clubs and the likes. It was only when I hit a plateau in my training that I started to look for something beyond the physical goals of body fat percentages and weight on the scale. By pure coincidence I saw one of InnerFight’s videos on YouTube and have been a proud InnerFighter for the past 3 years. Not only did I gain physical strength, break few rep maxes and got fitter and leaner, but I have also became part of this amazing community that pushes you forward and helps you through the lowest times in your life.  I have managed to drag few people along with me, two of which are my brothers, and have added value to most of my clients through the InnerFight program and way of life. I am a better person, a stronger woman and definitely more positive than I was before. The InnerFight team, headed by Marcus Smith who leads by example, has become my second family that I meet every day at 6 am!