Following the success of the ‘Start to Run Program’, one of the most frequent requests I had was to build a Half-marathon plan in the same format!  You asked, and I have delivered!

Welcome to ‘Start to Run Half-marathons.’

Firstly some information to help you decide if this is the program for you.
Can you run for 30mins non-stop? If so, this means you have a base level of fitness and this would be suitable for you….If not, then you should check out our “Start to run” plan here

During this 12 week Half-marathon program we will use running to get better at life. You will enjoy running and the benefits it brings to you in all areas, not just in a physical sense.  We are going to challenge you and want you to push hard to get the full benefit of the plan!

Each week, you will receive your training program through a free platform called Training Peaks Once you download the app and get your account set up, simply connect it to our account through here

Your training will appear in Training Peaks and all of the workouts and descriptions will be fully explained within.  Where necessary, videos to show movements and form are provided alongside the descriptions.  All of the run sessions have been built so they can sync to your sports watch if you wish.

The beauty of running is that it can be done anywhere; Outside, on a treadmill, on sand or in mountains. Feel free to get the sessions completed at your leisure in your preferred environment.

Alongside the running you will have weekly core workouts, mobility sessions and running strength workouts.  These can be completed with minimal equipment and are designed to complement the run training to build strength and keep you free from injury. These are programmed once each week but I encourage you to do more mobility work on any areas of weakness or tightness

The price of this 12 week plan is just 1485AED!!

There are multiple payment options – at our gym, or right here

To get started, connect your TP account to ours and email me on and I will get you set up.

If you have any questions.  Please feel free to fire them at me and I’ll get right back to you.

Endurance coach