Habitual success

Here is an impressive stat for you; 100% of our athletes started IRONMAN 70.3 Dubai and 100% finished. Now that may not impress you…but now think about this, it’s a victory in itself to get an athlete to the start of a race, injuries happen, motivation takes a U-turn, nerves get the better of them and with so many Egyptians in our team even getting the correct start time was a worry! (Joking). On a serious note though, a 100% start rate was epic. Then comes the hardest bit! You have threee disciplines to get through and anywhere from 4 - 8 hours for something to go wrong. Endless muscles in the body to malfunction, a whole digestive system to bring a halt to things, 2000 other people to kick someone in the face, or crash into you, two tyres that could puncture, a chain that can snap, a millisecond of poor concentration to cause a race ending tumble…it is really a tough event to get through even if you don't consider the work needed to complete the distances in the Dubai heat. Still don't think it's an impressive stat? ‘Yeah yeah, 100% start and 100% finish, that could mean one or two started and one or two finished’. It could...but we had 40 start and 40 finish. InnerFight Endurance team made up 2% of all athletes racing the biggest Triathlon in the Middle East on Friday. Win. We have a couple of things in place within our team that I believe breeds a successful environment. Marcus founded InnerFight on these principles and it's such a part of the brand and culture they become habitual for our members. Hard work - #1, if you’re not working hard you are getting called out on it. Want to get better? We don't sugar coat it, you need to work harder and we will make sure you do. Simplicity - There are a thousand and one ways to train for endurance and all will work to a degree, we use the tried and trusted ways, which happen to be the most simple and the most successful. Fun - If there is a public holiday, an event is arranged and our team choose to wake up at 5am to start the 6am ’Holiday Smash Fest’, anyone who is here during the holidays still attends Track Tuesday or Friday chain gangs and everytime they are asked why? They say because it is fun. Dale knows, “People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing.” ― Dale Carnegie Honesty - We are in the business of getting our team to reach their maximum potential. If a session is shit they will be getting told. At Track Tuesday if you don't run through the line to complete the total run distance required you will be getting called out on it no matter what the garmin says. Turn up late? You and everyone else will know. It’s not a bullying culture it’s an honesty culture and it is absolutely vital if you are to succeed in endurance sport. Smash Life - 'The attitude to get the most out of the life we are given and helping others do the same’. There are no levels in our team and no-one looks down on anyone else. The last person in gets the biggest cheer and the most encouragement, always. Mental Toughness - This means different things to different people. We don’t enforce mental toughness but we do help sculpt it out. Part of the way we do that is applying the above principles to each individual and their sessions. Making these principles habits ensures success. Want to know more about our coaching packages? Triathletes go to www.innerfight.com/triathlon Runners go to www.innerfight.com/runningacademy   Thanks for reading.   By: Tom Walker, Endurance Coach