Habits to kick start your day

I read this quote a while back in “Tools of Titans” by Tim Ferris. It stuck with me and made me reflect upon my AM routines. I started to wonder what things I actually do morning after morning to kick start my day, and if these things are actually proactive and make me feel better? I started to become more self aware of my actions and quickly realised a few inefficiencies that I could improve on to “win” the day. My ways to “win” the morning works for me, but might not work for you. With that being said, stay open-minded and don't be afraid to experiment with new routines such as mine…because seriously, what is the worst thing that could happen? Most of my morning rituals have their roots from experience and inspiration from what I would define as successful people.  I find the feeling of completing a task very satisfying no matter what it might be. If I just in that one hour can complete up to five things, then the rest of the day somehow feels much smoother. The feeling of completing a task gives you the feeling of accomplishment, and that will make you feel good without a doubt. First of all I make sure to get up at least one hour before I have to leave. One hour is plenty of time to get all my morning rituals in for me to “win” my day. We can all put our alarm clock on one hour before we actually have to leave, and I believe that most people actually do, but when that little snooze button pops up and offers you an extra ten minutes for you to go back to dream land, then big decisions needs to be made (and more often than not, the wrong decision is made. I think we can all relate to that). Often (and, yes I often feel very tempted to as well) we choose to hit that snooze button, and sometimes we even hit it twice. The consequences of that little action is much greater than we realise in the moment. You snooze you lose. Now that I’m up, there is one hour until I have to leave, I’ve slept eight hours, my bag is prepped, my clothes are prepped and my different activities are organised, what do I do? 1: FUEL Every morning when I wake up, I’m starving, I feel empty and I therefore attack the kitchen as the very first thing. My typical morning looks like this:
  • One cup of coffee (Aeropress)
  • Oats + Chia seeds + Cinnamon + Protein powder + Hot water/almond milk
  • Two big glasses of water + Supplements
2: MEDITATION No not that kind of mediation that you are imagining right now. I’m not sitting with me feet folded in some funky yoga pose, with soothing background music and candles… I grab the book that I’m currently reading, and devote 5-10 min of my time to focused reading. When I say, “focused” I mean, no talking, no phone, just AMRAP reading for 5-10 min. (AMRAP – Only Crossfitters will understand.) Reading makes me relaxed, it teaches me something, and it wakes my mind up. I feel much sharper, more focused and smarter after a simple ten minutes of reading. It might be placebo, but I’ll take it! 3: 5-MINUTE JOURNAL The 5-minute journal is a little “diary looking book” that you need to devote five minutes to in the morning and evening. Every morning I fill out these questions: Three things I’m grateful for, three things that would make today great and one daily affirmations. This habit came from Tim Ferris, and here he sums up why its important to him: “The 5MJ forces me to think about what I have, as opposed to what I’m pursuing.” Sometimes I can get a bit caught up in all the things that I want to do and accomplish, but tend to forget to appreciate the things I have. Being constantly reminded of the great things in my life, increases my level of happiness day to day and I therefore don't mind investing five minutes every morning to this little book. With all that being said. If I have to meet at 5am to open the gym, I might not always get all my morning routines done, but at least 5/7 days I manage to do all of them. I would love to hear if you have any epic morning routines, which you truly think has a massive impact on your day. Flick me a message over Instagram with your routine and tell me why you it makes you “win@andrehoudet   By: Andre Houdet, Performance Coach