Growth Mindset

Changing your mindset to certain tasks is not always easy as just saying it. First you need to acknowledge what your mindset is in the first place - is it a fixed mindset or are you working towards a growth mindset? Fixed vs growth People in a fixed mindset believe you either are or aren’t good at something, based on your inherent nature, because it’s just who you are. People in a growth mindset believe anyone can be good at anything, because your abilities are entirely due to your actions. I’ll give you an example on how I’ve changed my mindset on writing articles. When I first came to InnerFight - after one week - Marcus told week it’s your turn to write an article. I didn’t show it (or maybe I did...haha) but I was terrified!! How?! What?! When?! Where?! I was scared! I’m not smart enough to write an article in a different language - was what I told myself.  The thing I hated most in school was writing, and that was in my mother tongue. My worst grades were in Dutch class - how am I ever gonna write something significant in English?! I’ll look stupid, making grammar faults that a 7 year old won’t even make... I sucked it up and wrote it anyway - although I was very insecure about it and would never until today repost it. As I just hope nobody reads it...haha it’s fucked up I know. But let me tell you something as from today I’ll change towards a growth mindset and don’t see it as a failure or me not being smart enough, but as a learning opportunity. And that's exactly why Marcus wants us to write articles, I know that. Challenge yourself - get out of that comfort zone where everything is easy and you know you can already do. My comfort zone is working out. I know exactly what I can do and if I push hard until I feel like dying. That’s my comfort zone! Although this is a good trait when you want to be an athlete, it’s not enough to be a great human being. And I want to be great! As much as I hate whenever it’s my turn for the article, each time after I’ve done it, I felt this little bit of fulfillment. Researching and writing it down in my own words. Sometimes I’ve “copied and pasted” it) but most of the time it was legit my words. What I want to show you is that everyone has their own struggles and deals with them in their own ways. It’s good to know that the way you look at something can make a huge difference on how you're going to feel afterwards. I’m sure you’ve been in this position. Next time no matter how afraid you are just see it as a learning opportunity ???? Even if it wasn’t good at the time, you’ve learnt how not to do it and next time will be better!   By: Carmen Bosmans, Performance Coach