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Welcome to the Group Health Coaching Program

Heidi Jones is the catalyst of success in others. She enables people to become the best version of themselves through creating a community of inspiring individuals who collaboratively go above and beyond the ordinary to achieve longer – lasting, healthier and more fulfilled lives.

The pillars we focus on to ensure you be accountable for extra-ordinary results:

Accountability – to set clear goals, create your plan of action and celebrate your milestones

Community – support and inspiration from an awesome community

Knowledge – from others and experts to learn what you need to achieve your goal

Change – to create the habits needed for extraordinary results and achieve your goals

By joining a group coaching 90 day program you will:

  •        Get clarity on your goals.
  •        Set goals that motivate and inspire you and the group.
  •        Break down big goals into achievable actions and achieve goals you could not otherwise do without the support of others.
  •        Be inspired by your groups successes, stories and reflection.
  •        Have the accountability needed in-between sessions to keep you on track.
  •        Develop a positive mindset by learning to develop a growth mindset towards your goals. You will go from ‘I can’t do it’ to ‘I can do it’.
  •        Have meaningful and powerful discussions with your group.
  •        Have a consistent focus over a 90 day period.
  •        Help and guidance at every step.
  •        Self-reflect.
  •        Receive support through the process.
  •        Feel inspired and motivated after every session.

What the Health Coaching Program looks like:

6x 90 minute sessions over the course of 90 days

Session 1    Set goal & Plan of action

Session 2    Accountability & expert knowledge

Session 3    Milestone celebration, success and failures

Session 4    Increasing performance

Session 5    Mindset shift/ being extraordinary

Session 6    Next steps/ performance review

  • Including a 90 day goal setting workbook and tool kit of resources to support you in the process.
  • Whatsapp accountability group.
  • Private Facebook group for additional support and to meet other like-minded people.

What people are saying about group health coaching:

“The biggest impact I have had being part of group coaching is accountability & the joy of sharing outcomes (regardless of the outcome) without judgement. I’ve achieved my health & fitness goals within the 90 days and my other 2 goals are ongoing and in-progress” – Toufic, Innerfight member

“Feeling part of a group and getting support from the group as well as supporting others has made the biggest positive impact for me. Thank you! I’ve loved group coaching far more than 1-2-1!”Laila

“Connecting & being accountable to a group made the biggest impact on my progress and achieving the goals which I potentially may not have done without this group. Being able to discuss our fears out loud really helped, as well as learning failure is not as bad as it seems. I learnt the tools I needed to take action to achieve my goals.” – Heidi, InnerFight member

“I’m very grateful for being part of this group. It has been a safe space and I’ve also learned a lot. I feel that what I’m leaving with (thoughts, ideas and goals) are so much more than what I came expecting. Thank you!” – Areej, InnerFight member

“Biggest impact of being part of the group coaching program is my shift in mindset, refocus on purpose and lifestyle changes – I don’t think I would have discovered or clarified my purpose without the program.” – Jason, InnerFight member

“This coaching program has literally been life changing for me. The biggest impact has definitely the growth mindset work we did: moving from an ‘I can’t do it’ mindset to an ‘I can do it’ even if I don’t have it all figured out. The group has been phenomenal and such a source of inspiration and motivation. This was my first coaching experience!” – Shaheen

“This has been awesome – I now know I always want being in a coaching group in my life! ???? I am a million times happier since starting this journey.” – Anneka

“Thank you seem such a small word to say for such a life changing experience. When I started 3 months ago, I thought I knew what my issues were to work on, but through the support and direction taken in the group session I found my truth. The ongoing encouragement from the wonderful strong women in my group has inspired me to change my life in the most positive way, I can honestly say I’m on the road to happiness and there is no stopping me!” – Jules, InnerFight member


Health Coaching – What Can You Expect?

Group health coaching is a pro-active and positive step for you to design the life you want.

We won’t fix you, you won’t get a sponsor and you will have to take responsibility for your actions but we will get you results.

Groups will meet every two weeks for a ‘round table’ coaching session which focuses on actions, upgrading habits and learning from experiences you and your group go through during the process.

This experience is about positive actions and moving forward.

Expectation are high, we’re about big wins.

The process is unique, empowering and the more you put in the more you will get back.

This is about self-actualisation – achieving your full potential.


What goals can Health Coaching help with?

Health coaching is ideal for anyone who has decided they want or need to make a positive change to their lifestyle. Goals are set to help you move away from the ‘ordinary’ and move towards the ‘extra-ordinary’ and help you be the best version yourself.

Why Group Coaching?

Recent studies show, goal setting is optimally effective when: (a) it is set face-to-face, (b) it is set publicly, (c) it is a group goal, and (d) it is coupled with monitoring of behaviour or outcome by another person. Epton, Armitage, Currie (2017)

What does Heidi Jones Coaching with Innerfight offer that others don’t?

Coaches that walk the talk and inspire others through their actions and expertise, motivating others to live healthier, happier lives.

How do I get started with Group Health Coaching? 

Start by filling in your Group Coaching questionnaire and a free 20 minute coaching call with Heidi. During this session you and Heidi will identify 3-5 changes you must make to accomplish your goals – if you do not have a specific goal Heidi will help you start the process of creating a goal you can use in 2018 to achieve what you want out of life. After your call, Heidi will select a group you can sign up for and start the group coaching experience. The following questions will be sent directly to Heidi.

Group Coaching questionnaire

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  • Do I have to be a member of Innerfight to join a group? No, non-members are welcome to join
  • How much is it? 2625AED for 3 months (Including VAT)
  • What are the payment options? Payment made via Innerfight
  • Who places me into a group? Your Health Coach Heidi Jones
  • What are the group sizes? Between 4 – 12. 
  • Who will read my health history questionnaire? Your health history questionnaire will be confidential between you and your coach (Heidi Jones)

Drop us an email to winning@innerfight to find out how this could work for you, what value health coaching will bring to your life and to also take advantage of one of Heidi’s initial group coaching sessions.


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