Ghalib, a policeman getting better at life.

“You will not find motivation at cafeterias, or at McDonalds. Every single day I always look forward to seeing the people in the gym. The feeling of ecstasy, when you get to work out next to the people who inspired you to get in shape.” Disciplined, patient and dedicated are just few adjectives to best describe him. It is Ghalib, it is the guy who wears a light brown shirt and trousers with a golden badge depicting the logo of the police force and a pair of red leather shoes. Ghalib serves his country as a policeman. He has the most demanding job considering the schedule, pressure and stress he gets at work. We have seen him during his weakest and witnessed his progress. Despite his tough schedule, he comes to the gym every day to get his daily dose of awesome. A bit of background, he had a great life thus far, with many FOOD adventures, travels and good times. He started to get heavy, and began to gain weight. His uniforms were getting tight to the point that he could hardly fit them. He was miserable, frustrated and defeated. The reality started to kick in, the bad food all the time and he stopped paying attention to what he was putting in his body. He then realized that he was totally out of shape.  Right there and then, he started seeking help from friends, gauging some information about fitness. Apparently, no one could give answers as they were also struggling the same problem. Go2   "Before I joined InnerFight my health and fitness level was too weak that I could not even do burpees and could hardly run. Last August 2015, just after I finished my first intense InnerFight class, I met Mohammed Kassim. I was amazed. I could not believe what he had achieved. That was the day that I thought I could really do this, I would not quit. That was also the same day I decided to stop smoking. It was a bad habit since I was in high school that was so hard to let go but I did. Thanks to Crossfit, Thanks to InnerFight.  I started to surround myself with positive-minded people, and stayed away from the negative influences in my life. Q: What has the journey so far done to you? A: I wanted to have a positive impact on the community; to show people the importance of hard work and dedication to achieve great things. I wanted to be a role model to anyone to make them realize that through hard work and perseverance they would strengthen not only their bodies, but most importantly their minds as well. Mental toughness is the best part I have learnt in InnerFight that applies to life in general. Q: What advice would you give to others? A. Start NOW. Don’t wait for later. As for me, it started out with only one goal to shed some weight but it has turned into a strong desire to live a healthy and meaningful life. Ultimately, enjoy the journey. Have fun and don’t forget to smile! It surely helps a lot.   "One year of being here at InnerFight, I feel healthier, happier and livelier with what I have achieved so far. I am still however excited to what the future may hold in my journey with fitness.  I have learned this past year and will continue to learn more in the next coming years. Today, I feel empowered and incredibly blessed.”


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