Three Fundamental Principles

Today I’m here to share with you three fundamental principals that were given to me and all my teammates when we were 12 years old from our basketball coach Mario Fioretti, to make sure we were all on the same page and shared the same values.

I’m not going to lie, Mario has always been really strict and demanding with all of us ever since we were little kids and when you’re so young it isn’t always easy to understand or take some behaviour, but looking back I am so happy he always treated us as adults and not only as kids and gave us some real values and life lessons that are still with us many years later.
Okay, time to tell you what these principals are and although he intended it for a basketball team you’ll see they’re applicable to your everyday life and even though you’ve probably heard of them before, there’s always a little extra to them that is what makes the real difference:

1. “Do whatever the team needs from you and do it at your best all the time”. 
You’re always part of a team: with your colleagues, with your friends, with your family, with your partner. Don’t be selfish, don’t just do what's convenient for you but do what the team needs from you. But still that is not enough: you have to do it at your best, all the time.
 You know the famous campaign “Just do it” right? That's not enough. I believe that “at your best, all the time” is the difference between successful and not successful people.

2. “Be willing to learn and be willing to take criticism, knowing that we are addressing the wrong gesture/behavior and not the person itself”.
 Easy and simple: don’t take things personally! If someone is there correcting you, it's because he/she cares. The day you do something wrong and no one is there to point it out is because they gave up on you. Leave your ego on the side and always be willing to make yourself better.

3. “Thrive to win but mostly thrive to get ready to win, knowing that a loss can be taken only when you gave your absolute best”.
 I still remember that in our gym we had a huge banner behind the court saying: If you’re not here to win, you’re in the wrong place!
 We all have different goals we want to achieve, we all have some wins we want to get but the real question is: are you keen to do the work it takes to get there? Doesn’t matter if your “win” is beat the opposite team, lose 10kg, graduate or anything else…you have to be willing to put your head down and work for a long time before you can get that spotlight! 
A lot of people just want the spotlight without all the darkness that comes before it…enjoy the process, enjoy the training, enjoy the studying, enjoy all hard work: it’s part of your win!!
 And if the win doesn’t come ask yourself why, find out what went wrong and work on it. A lot. Really a lot. If you want it badly enough and you work for it, eventually you’ll get that you want.

These rules have been with me since the 2005/2006 season and will be with me my whole life and if they’ll help you even 1/10 of what they've helped me, I will get my win also today. 
Mario, I will never thank you enough.




By; Riccardo Scomparin, Performance Coach