From Crossfit to IronMan

Why? What moves you? Our life is a constant search for what makes us happy! The unconscious commitment in the search for something more and more profound and challenging in the addiction of what fills us and brings happiness. This is my story in search of what fills me… and honestly, I am addicted! I am addicted to challenges, I am addicted to training, I am addicted to what fills me and to be better in life!

I love Rugby, I love Cycling and I'm passionate about Crossfit and I'm even crazier for competing with others or even myself. If I have a challenge, physical or mental, I want to be good at it, I want to do everything I can and that I can control to make my best result possible!

Crossfit came into my life as a way to improve my performance as a Rugby player and when I stopped playing, Crossfit automatically became my new challenge and the question was... how can I evolve? How am I going to be better at this? I want to be better, I need this adrenaline rush, this guiding thread that takes me to a higher level. Sport wise speaking, from that point on, I dedicated myself almost 100% to Crossfit and ended up evolving quite well and with some speed, ending up getting several national podiums and outside Portugal until the goal became increasingly high. In 2019 I ended up not being able to qualify for the CF Games by just 2 points and that was the highest point of my “career” as a Crossfit athlete.

But not everything is good, I also had several disappointments and many mishaps and the intense way I dedicated myself to Crossfit turned out to be one of the reasons that led me to take a break. Not being a professional athlete, I made many mistakes... I found myself often putting my own health at risk, without rest days, poor control of my diet and lack of a regular sleep rhythm. My desire to be better was so big that I did not want to give up a day without training, a day without trying to improve my skills and that led me to a complete exhaustion, physically and metalically. At the end of these years of Crossfit, I found myself feeling what I hadn't felt in a long time, indifference! The voice that whispered in my ear "I don't feel prepared, I'm not doing enough to be the best, I can't keep up with my desire to be the best". No desire to train, no desire to go after what made me happy and that's when I had the click - I have to stop, I have to reset and take on a new challenge for myself.

One of my strengths has always been my metabolic capacity and suffering capacity. For some reasons, IronMan has been hovering in my head for a long time and I couldn't have taken a better time to accept this challenge for myself than in InnerFight and with such a top class Endurance Team.

And that's how my journey to become an IronMan begins! Basically, I want the experience, I want to have fun but I want to challenge myself. Go with the flow, get the best out of the experience but at the same time feel the sweet taste that next time I can be bette ...

Knowing myself as I know, first I'll just try to end the event, but from now on I don't know, the challenge will no longer be just to end, that's for sure. Follow it because it will be epic!
Show no weakness!

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