Freeing your Inner Movement

By Marcus Smith - InnerFight founder For the brand Primal Movement, "Become a force of nature" is their tag line, is this animal work? Are we going back to our ancestors? Do we believe we can learn from animals or that we can from animals in the first place? Maybe, maybe, maybe. PM 9 For months now I have been focusing on how to make my body move better, I found way too many imperfections in my movement which were limiting my performance in so many ways. It was a simple case of "move better, perform better." I like so many adults in the world have become a victim of unlearning what I learnt as a child. Just look to the youngsters of today, from babies upward and you will see that often before a baby can walk it can squat perfectly, crawl with co-ordination and roll freely. Skills that if we asked a room full of adults to complete right now would have them in all sorts of trouble. I not only started this journey for my personal benefits as I was living in a body that I was trying to push to the limits daily and luckily I had some hindsight that told me to slow down or I would have to slow down forever. When I looked at a number of grown adults, both those attending InnerFight classes and in other sports and non sports environments I saw tragedy on so many levels. As we have stopped using the movements we used as children so we start to limit our performance, we start to see ailments creeping in and the ever rising concern of joint or spinal issues pays well to those in the profession but is delivering nothing but unnecessary discomfort to the general public. My journey to understand more about the "Primal Movement" program and how it can not only help me personally but also many others took me first to a movement coach! Yes a specialist in the field, one that has a simple objective of being able to do mind blowing things with his body all through better natural movement. No fancy machines, no modern gimmicks, no state of the art gym, just his body. When you enter into the world of movement you connect with a very special breed of people. A breed of people that have taken the time to examine movement on a number of levels. It's a community, a cult and for many an addiction. You may not buy into that right now but once you experience a movement class you will be hooked. PM 7Hours of research, reading, watching videos and examining my own body culminated in attending a Primal Movement certification along with Martin one of our coaches and Marlene a great friend. Our world changed again during the course, the limits to the human body were further pushed, our imperfections in basic movement further exposed but a huge ray of light shone on the future for increased performance through better movement.  

Think of any position that right now it is hard to put your body into, think of any animal who has more than two points in contact with the floor, think of increased flexibility, think of reduced pain from the ever increasing sedentary lifestyle and think of the end result being a freer you. Now you are close to the benefits of movement, close, but you have to experience more.PM 5

What I found even more endearing about Primal Move was their ten elements which they base their program on:

  1. Primal flow evaluation from mobility and status report
  2. Mobility based on the primal flow evaluation
  3. Injury prevention and sensory integration
  4. Core and truck coordination
  5. Sub-maximal plyometrics
  6. Skill training
  7. Resistance training
  8. Games
  9. Metabolic conditioning
  10. Reversed primal flow evaluation as mobility cool down and status report

At InnerFight we are beginning to offer movement specific classes which cater for people on all levels, no matter if you have long standing injuries that will not go away, have had serious accidents or just want to drive your performance to the next level, this is for you. I personally have being using movement as a large part of my training for over 5 months now and can speak volumes of the improvement not only in my performance but in my life on the whole.

The easiest way to demonstrate what primal movement is all about is through this video. Like what you see? Just try it! By Marcus Smith - InnerFight founder