Meet the Member, Andrew Winter

Sporting background, what inspired you to take up endurance sport?

Windsurfing and Surfing was a passion from my early years until late 20’s and pretty much influenced any decision I made in those days. If it was windy, I wouldn’t attend that family gathering. If there were waves, I’d skip that week of lectures. University was chosen basis which areas had the best beaches. I ended up at Plymouth Uni and spent more time on the water than studying. I finally realized I needed to get serious, got my degree, started working in London and there, over night, ended a 14 year obsession.
I’d always been quite curious about Ironman, but passed it off as something well outside my realm of capability, until one day a friend asked me if I’d like to support him at his first Ironman. I remember seeing the swim course and thinking “that’s a very long way”. I signed up for my first full distance a month later and then began another obsession...

Goals, struggles, successes

Goals are irritating things as you tick one off, but the next one is always by virtue a little harder. Goals for the next 12-24 months are quite lofty, but for now I’d like execute another full distance competitively. 
Struggles, mainly fighting injuries and Keeping my back mobile and pain free. 
Successes: recent successes have been management of the above struggles which in turn have lead to some solid training blocks and corresponding race results.

Training environment and locations

Dubai is my main training location, which is great in the Winter, but does present some interesting challenges with the heat during the summer months. This is addressed with very early mornings and a fair amount of indoor training which works well. 

Learnings from Innerfight

To trust in the process. Sometimes we want to go fast or hard because we feel good, but Trainingpeaks says ”go easy today”. To follow this isn’t easy -One needs to remind oneself that it’s ok to give up control and do as you're told.

The training

Very hands on. Goals are discussed and any training issues addressed and worked around, before the schedule is set in Traingpeaks. There is a very good mix of individual and group training. The group training has been particularly enjoyable at IF as there is a great mix of people who can always be sure to give you an extra push when required.