Fitness Mistakes You Need to Avoid

1: Being a hero in week 1 If you decided to start working out and make the best out of your life you are probably super motivated by now. That's awesome! But, it's very important to start easy the first few weeks. Your body is not used to it and will be really sore by all the new movements you are doing. If that hits you too hard in the beginning it can break you down more when building up. So start easy and gradually, increase the intensity and volume. 2: Bringing your ego There are a  lot of things going on in the gym at the same time as you are training. Maybe you will see someone else doing something advanced that looks really cool and you want to do it as well. Just remember, that person probably spends a lot of time practicing and building up to this . What I'm saying is, learn the basics first. If you're trying to stress the process it will bite you back in the future. Coaches are there to help you, don't be afraid to ask where to start and listen to their advice. Don’t be overly competitive. Yes it's good that you want to achieve something and compare yourself to others. But we are all here to have fun. And seriously, no one cares how much you can lift with bad form, learn the basics! 3: Poor Eating Habits Maybe you started a new diet to kick off your fitness journey.  Just remember that diet does not mean to stop eating! Under eating is just as bad as overeating. It  makes your body think that you are starving and then stop working as it should. You will have no energy for life in general and for sure not for training . This leads to poor performance and lack of motivation cause your training is going bad. If you need help with your diet, all the coaches at InnerFight can help you. 4: The daily weigh in This is a common mistake, people get obsessed with the scales and the weight. They start to weigh themselves everyday and sometimes several times a day. Your weight can change 1-3kg every day, mostly depending on how much water you have in your body. Being able to store more water is a good thing. The more muscular a body is the more water it contains;  conversely , the more fat in a body the less water- as body fat has little water. Weigh yourself once a week at the same time and set some weekly goals you want to achieve. If you have never used the scale at Innerfigt before, just ask one of the coaches and they will gladly help you. It tells you everything you need to know. 5: Headphones on day 1 This isn’t a globe gym anymore, ditch the headphones and make some friends. Honestly, you don't look very friendly if you are wearing headphones in class. Crossfit is about the community, everyone is here to talk and socialize as well as work out. You all have something in common so shouldn't be hard to find a subject to talk about. Or maybe just get to know someone that you haven't talk to before, you will be amazed by the stories that get shared in the gym. So now, just relax and enjoy the experience. Smash life and as always, show no weakness .   By: Mia Arkerlund, InnerFight Performance Coach