What is InnerFight?
InnerFight is an international fitness and performance company.

What does InnerFight do?
“InnerFight makes people better at life” we do this through: InnerFight classes, personal performance coaching (including weight loss and nutritional support and coaching) endurance coaching for those that want to complete a marathon, triathlon or even run a mile, motivational and educational seminars and mentoring and online coaching. READ MORE HERE

Where is InnerFight based?
InnerFight is based out of Dubai. Our gym is RIGHT HERE please feel free to pass by anytime or give us a call on +971-4-3212899

How can I join InnerFight?
Easy. Just send us a mail to winning@innerfight.com and let us know what you want to achieve and we will get right back to you.

Does InnerFight teach CrossFit?
Yes we do, we are a registered CrossFit affiliate and teach classes daily. You can find out more about this RIGHT HERE

I want to lose weight. Can InnerFight help and if so how?
We have a proven system for weight loss with people from a number of backgrounds and provide nutrition education and support on a number of levels. Mail us and tell us a bit about your situation and we will find the best solution for you.

Is InnerFight only for advanced people?
Not at all. We work with young children, adults that have never been in the gym and people that are looking to lose weight, our services and approach is scalable no matter who you are.

How much is it to join?
This depends on what service you want. Mail us and let us know your goals and we will let you know what we think suits you best and the associated fees.

Can I just come and workout at the gym?
No! Why not? We like to make sure everyone is safe and doing the right thing, hence anyone in our gym is either in a class or one on one with a coach. This is for your own safety primarily.