#675: Developing an Ultra Mindset

What do we do when we can’t figure things out? What do we do when things get hard in life physically or mentally? Some of us deny it’s happening and try and continue as normal. Others give up. Neither seem to solve the issues we face. To get through, keep going and reach our goals we must have a solid decision making process, a formula for success……welcome to the ultra mindset!

I was not dissimilar to the two options above in that when I came across adversity I would try and black it out, pretend it was not happening or in a way just give up thinking that “it’s not for me”. When I entered my first ultra and failed I knew this mindset had to change so I went on a journey to figure out a decision making process that would help me in tough situations in many areas of life.
I share the process in this show in the Ultra Mindset.
I hope it’s useful for you.
No Weakness.


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