#658: Make it work for you with Sam Browning

Sam Browning is a father of 2 with an amazing mindset and a super interesting story. He tells us how “going cold turkey” and making big changes in his life has seen him lose 37Kg in just 18 months. Not only that but he has taken on some awesome physical challenges and recently clocked 13km in a single run which is a huge milestone for him.Sam’s story is no different from many people that somehow let things go and suddenly Sam was 147kg, eating burger king on the way home for dinner! He knew something had to change and when he was out of breath running just 15m with his daughter the point was driven home. Sitting with his wife on Jan 1st 2019 they both made a decision to change their lifestyles. Huge change as Sam explains in the show and a lot of challenges along the way. If you are struggling Sam has a lot of great advice.

Enjoy the show.


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