Endurance Training during Ramadan

With Ramadan fast approaching (expected to begin on the 6th May), it’s time for those of you that will be fasting and aiming to continue their training to start thinking about how to structure your workout schedule during the Holy month. It is important to continue with your training during this time but it’s recommended that duration, intensity and timing be changed. These recommendations are below:
  • Train 2-3 hours after Iftar. This will give your body time to digest your food and give you the energy to perform your workout effectively
  • Training after Iftar and before Suhoor will also ensure that you are replenishing post workout to encourage growth and repair
  • If you do not normally train during these times, then expect about 5 days of consistent training for your body to adapt and for the training to feel “normal” again
  • The temperatures will be increasing over the month even during the evenings and night-times and therefore it is important to ensure that you are hydrated before, during and after your workout
  • Be realistic with your workouts. It maybe that due to family and friend commitments your long bike rides or long runs will have to be reduced considerably
  • Intensity of workouts should be reduced especially in the first week while your body adapts to the change in timings, sleep patterns and nutritional intake
While it is important to continue with your training, I recommend that this is not a time to try something new and definitely not the time to increase your training and/or become race specific. Instead use it for your physical and mental health and well-being. I recommend establishing a well-balanced and well-rounded workout schedule that while encouraging regular training, you also have the time to spend with family and friends and to reflect on your year past and present. Ramadan Kareem By:  Jen Gibbons, Endurance Coach