You’re eating right…but are you really?

So you’ve got your training sorted, you work hard in the gym, and your nutrition is spot on. You don’t eat any fast food, and everything is ‘healthy’ or ‘organic’. So why are you unable to shift those last few pounds. Take a look at the below pictures. ben article 4 ben article 5 ben article 7 ben article 8 ben article 9 ben article 10 ben article 11 ben article 12 ben article 13 ben article 14 ben article1 ben article2Now before you start, please realise that I am not suggesting that you can go and eat the poor version in the picture, neither am I trying to scare you into thinking that everything is bad for you, and yes, there are good calories and bad calories, but what I am trying to do is make you realise that you need to be very careful. Stick to Whole Foods, avoid processed foods and you're heading on the right track.   By: Ben Davies, Performance Coach