Don’t be fooled by the salad!

Don't be a victim of big fast food chains ability to convince you that what they are about to feed you is actually good for you just because they have marketed it well. The truth may be otherwise.
Take the McDonalds Caesar salad which comes in with a whopping 425 calories and 21.4 grams of fat and compare this to the 253 calories and 7.7 grams of fat in their standard burger. Even if you add a portion of fries to the burger it only ends up 4 calories more than the salad at 429 but still with less fat at 16.7 grams.
On a brighter note, McDonalds aims to withdraw its super-size portion options by the end of the year, possibly due to the amount of blame that is being thrown around for the obesity epidemic that we are now seeing and has been further highlighted in the recent BBC series "The men who made us fat"
For those who wish to see facts you can check out McDonald's Nutrition Facts The information quoted in this post can be found at Daily Mail