Certified bangers, or lack of, can play a more significant part in your performance than what you probably think.

The recent study by Matthew Stork, Costas Karageorphis, and Kathleen Martin Ginis dived into the effects on the psychological, physiological, and psychophysical performance during HIIT training. They had found choosing the correct playlist does improve potential performance and not only that but can increase heart rate and enhance enjoyment, which are essential factors in determining whether an individual adheres to the training program or not.

Because of music's contributing effects, Stork stated that "music can put you in a state of 'flow' where you are fully focused and immersed in the task." This is through the brain activation, hormonal and arousal changes, shifts in the attentional focus, and motivational factors.

This shows that the correct tunes played can be useful if you're seeking an increase in output or are lacking the inspiration to train. However, the flip side is for it to work, you must find the music motivational.

"Individual differences in music preference are extremely important to consider when looking to maximize the motivational and emotional response that music can elicit," says Stork. He states that tempo is generally the number one association with performance increase that aligns with most of the population's different tastes in genres.

The knack for compiling a power set is to collect songs that fall into a genre you enjoy. Lyrics or none, whatever gives you that kick is a solid place to start. Then if you want to get technical, begin to filter the song's music tempo ranging from 125-140bpm for HIIT/ fast exercising to slower movement or monostructural style training looking into 120 to 130bpm. (You cannot go wrong with House music and the greater genre of EDM).

Now, if your coach is playing some absolute shockers, you have my full consent to tell them it's garbage, as this could be the defining element that can help you achieve your true potential.

Luckily for you, there are only certified bangers in my group classes.

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