The shocking truth about delivery meal plans.

"So what about these companies that deliver food to me? Should I be using one of them to lose weight?" This is a question I have had from a number of people over time and my simple answer is always to ask them to share the menu with me first. In over a dozen cases I have taken people off these plans and the result? Weight loss. Weight loss they were not experiencing on the plans. Why? Not because we have the magic cure to fat loss or a magic wand that turns lard into muscle but solely because every menu I have seen from these "Healthy" "Weight loss" food delivery companies is a recipe for disaster. There is no wander people are not loosing weight and getting grumpy that they are spending so much money on the program and then ending up not eating the food but buying additional food. Below is a simple example of the trash that people are pumped with. It is a 4 day log of what the person was given. The basis of this food program was: "Low Calorie 1800 / Low Fat / Low carbs / High protein diet" And this is what they got. Day 1:Day 1.2 Breakfast : Manakish ( Zaatar & Cheese ) Yogurt Lunch : Grilled Fish ( High Protein ) 180gms Veg Soup Snack : Crème Caramel Dinner : Rosto Sandwich ( High Protein ) 200gms Corn Soup Fruits: 4 Pcs

Day 1.1

  Day 2 :Day 2 Breakfast Mnakish Zaatar (Low Cal, Low Carb) Yogurt (Low Fat) Lunch Cream Of Mushroom Soup (Low Cal) Grilled Fish (HIGH PROTEIN) 180gms Snack Muhallabieyh (Low Cal) Dinner Chicken Cordon bleu (HIGH PROTEIN) 200gms Chinese chicken corn Soup (Low Cal) Fruit 3 Pcs of Fruits   Day 3:Day 3 Breakfast Mixed Manakish (Zaatar & Cheese) (Low Fat &Low Cal &Low Carb) Yogurt (Low Fat & Low Carb) Lunch Cream Of Chicken Soup (Low Fat &Low Cal &Low Carb) Thailand Fish (High Protein) (Low Fat &Low Cal &Low Carb) Snack Crème Caramel (Low Fat &Low Cal &Low Carb) Dinner Chicken Burger (High Protein) (Low Fat &Low Cal &Low Carb) Italian Vegetable Soup (Low Fat &Low Cal &Low Carb) Fruits 4 Pcs Of fruits   Day 4 :Day 4 Breakfast : English Cake (Low Fat & Low carb & Low Cal ) Laban (Low Fat & Low carb & Low Cal ) Lunch : Harira Soup (Low Fat & Low carb & Low Cal ) Shrimps stir Fired ( High Protein )  (Low Fat & Low carb & Low Cal ) Snack : Muhallabieeh (Low Fat & Low carb & Low Cal ) Dinner : Cream of chicken soup (Low Fat & Low carb & Low Cal ) Hotdog With Meat Sauce ( High Protein )  (Low Fat & Low carb & Low Cal ) Fruits: 4 Pcs   So do we think this will get the client to their goal of weight loss? Not a chance. Trash, pure trash and expensive trash at $550 a month.