Dave Clark

It’s not that I wasn’t working out, on the contrary I was at the gym 3 times a week and training for my passion and desire of Rugby at least twice a week.
However, I was training without a sense of direction, variety, targets or goals and stuck in a mundane routine. My mind was losing interest and I was losing the battle. I found it all too easy to come up with excuses not to train.
“Innerfight” changed all that and helped me set my goals and targets and introduced new workouts each day helping me maintain a focus and interested over what has now been a sustained period of approximately 7 months.
Now, if I miss a session (very seldom) I double up the next day, a good enough reason NOT to skip a session as one’s challenging enough. I cannot wait to get into the next training session and take on the next challenge – even if carrying a knock/injury I’ll work around it substituting what I cannot do, with other exercises etc.
I, although have not yet mastered, have a greater degree of control over my body and mind and when either begins to quit the other kicks in to pull me along. Results are not just pictorial (as depicted), some are not so easy to quantify and may take the form of results outside the gym – in work, sports or in any other facet of life. Whether just getting up a little earlier, taking advantage of daylight hours or by achieving a higher rate of productivity in a shorter space of time at work, “Innerfight” is transferable to all facets of life.
For example, it’s made me question everything that goes down my throat and although I love food, I now feed and snack on things that are going to help me with my InnerFight, not be counterproductive. I never really appreciated what mine and I am sure all Mothers used to say, “You get out, what you put in”!!!!
I refuse to get old and at 34 I am by far the fittest I have ever been. My work, sports and life targets are now clearly defined.