CrossFit Vs. Endurance

I often get asked what type of training is better, but that depends on your goals and what you want. This battle has no winner, and I have learned a lot from balancing multiple training methods.

The CrossFit methodology is based on constantly varied, high-intensity functional workouts. In the wrong environment it thrives on the idea that hard work/pain = improvement and results. In the right environment it thrives on community and having all the tools of fitness in your bag.

In contradiction to the constantly varied CrossFit method, the bread-and-butter of any endurance-based program is long slow duration training.

In my opinion, endurance training plans periodise better than the CrossFit program. It’s why many ‘Crossfit gyms’ run their own programs, to gain back control of their members progression. Training shouldn’t be a random collection of challenging exercises or workouts, it needs a logical sequence and progression no matter if you are doing endurance or CrossFit.

If either method of exercise are programmed randomly, then random results will appear.  

I don't think one method or training style is better than the other. CrossFit programmed correctly works. Endurance programmed correctly works. We should be not be scared of mixing the two or looking to compare them, in fact many endurance athletes would benefit from a CrossFit program and many CrossFitters would benefit from an endurance program. The key is having structure and goals to work to.

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