CrossFit Games Open – Workout 5

It was deja-vu all round when the 5th workout of the open was announced as it was identical to the last workout of the 2011 open. A nice little ladder of Thrusters and "Chest to Bar" Pull Ups! Starting with 3 reps on each and increasing in sets of 3......3,6,9,12,15,18,12,24 and so on with a time cap of 7 minutes.
My immediate reaction was to check my results of the open last year.....108 reps and then my only other attempt at this workout.....112 reps. Not impressed I set a new goal of 130 plus. Thinking that with a score over 130 I would have a chance of topping the Asian leader board for this workout!
Next stop is Korea on 4th / 5th / 6th May 2012 for the regional qualifications. It is here where only first place is good enough to gain a place in the finals of the race for "Fittest Man on the Planet"!!!!
Stay tuned.......