CrossFit Games Open – Workout 4

And so the fun continues.....and the big numbers come out. In laymen terms throw a 9kg ball at a spot 10ft high on a wall 150 times! Yep 150 "Wall Balls"! And when you are done there skip 90 times but not regular skips, no that's too easy, you jump up once, the rope goes round twice....voila "Double Under". When you have managed to get through these exercises then break into what seems to be either the most loved or most hated exercise of CrossFit depending on who you are....The Muscle Up. And depending on how much of your 12 minutes you have used up try and get 30 out and then start back on the wall balls!!
Well as you will have seen from my clip I managed to complete 14 of the muscle ups. I was happy to finish the wall balls in 5:32 which was quicker than I expected. Overall happy with the way things are going and looking forward to the final workout of the open next week. Then its time to focus on the regional comp in Korea which decides who will go to the CrossFit Games in LA in July.....!